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How To Keep Your Plants Protected During Power Washing

New Jersey Power Washing Even if you are planning on something gentler like soft washing for your New Jersey home, you have to be able to protect your plants. Resilient as your healthy plants may be to the elements, there is no reason to needlessly put them at risk of damage from a service like pressure washing.

What’s the point of cleaning up your home’s exterior if you’re only going to destroy key elements of the landscaping in the process? Safeguard your plants so you can beautify your home and keep your greenery alive and well.

Keep Your Plants Safe

  • Make it a point to know what type of service you’re getting. Soft washing roof cleaning is quite different from standard power washing; the techniques and cleaning agents used are not the same. While you should still protect your plants, the harsher the cleaning process and chemicals, the more protection you should have in place.
  • Wet down your plants, or “pre-wet” them. This will make it less likely for chemicals to adhere to and affect your plants. Plus, when plants are damp, they tend to be softer or more pliable. That makes it less likely for the leaves to snap off.
  • Tarps make great drop cloths for painting or the perfect protective cover for pressure washing. Just be sure first, that the tarps themselves are free from chemicals or debris that could end up being harmful to your plants. Also, bear in mind that leaving this type of coverage on your plants for too long can harm them. This leads to a greenhouse effect that can heat the plants up too much.
  • Make plans on how to take care of any wash that comes from the downspout that may contain harsh chemicals. This can directly kill plants or get into the root system and lead to eventual illness and death.

Above all else, hire the right industry experts, like our crew here at The Roof Wizard, LLC. Not just any New Jersey power washing company will do, so give us a call.

When you do choose to work with us, you can also feel good knowing that we will take precautions to care for your plants. We will also offer helpful advice for ways in which to make this project.


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